Water Management systems and bathroom products should be thoroughly integrated to achieve the most water efficient design possible when specifying a commercial bathroom or public amenities space/block.

A water efficient bathroom should be designed with water efficient taps, toilets and showers. More so, a good designer, through Water Management systems, should also give the facilities manager the control to restrict the frequency of the outlet use as well. On top of that, eliminating the amount of stored water in tanked water heaters also reduces the amount of water waste. RBA is continuing to develop the products who's features provide architect and hydraulic consultant with benefits to aid water management and increaes water efficiency.

Here are some of our products.


Instantaneous Electric Water Heater
  • Suitable for sanitary use without a Tempering Valve
  • Saves Energy
  • Saves Water
  • Instantly starts heating the water to the desired temperature
  • Tankless
  • Low Mainanence
  • 15 min installation

The Chronomite heats the water as it passes through the unit, providing hot water on demand. All you need is a cold water line and an electical connection.

By nullifying the need for a tank-style water heater, the Chronomite will aid water management dramatically reducing the amount of water need to supply kitchenetts, BBQ Areas, Handwashing stations and other installations that are a considerable distance from your primary water source.


Tankless Water Heater

Watermark Accessible Compliant Environmental
Time-Trol Modular Valve Controller
  • Controller can be remotely located up to 20 meters from the valve.
  • Coloured indicator lights for easy diagnosis.
  • Small: 110mm W x 85mm H x 25mm D

Valve Controller provides an RBA Time-Trol System for water metering through precise electronic control of the solenoid valve provided. Put simply, this controller allows the facilities manager to control all aspects of a valves activation: frequency of operation; length of operation; lock out time. It can be used with solenoid valves or Piezo buttons.

The Time-Trol has 12 different operation settings to choose from (outlined on the Technical Data Sheet below).



Valve Controller Time Trol

Watermark Environmental
Formatta Sensor Tap
  • Internal Solenoid saves labour
  • Clean Hygienic Design
  • Water Saving
  • Commercial Grade
  • Easy to Operate
  • Accessible Compliant
  • Low Maintenace
  • Easy to Install

The sensor controlled delivery system is suitable for disabled access public washrooms, offices, schools, shopping centres, stadiums, airports. The sensor detects the presence of the user’s hand(s) in the field directly above the basin - this activates the flow of water until the hands are removed from the field.




Sensor Tap

Docol Tapware Watermark 2 Year Warranty WELS 6 Stars, 5.0L Accessible Compliant Environmental RBA Sensor Operation
  • Pneumatic operation
  • Site adjustable run time:0-3min
  • Controls basins, taps and showers 10,000 valves nationally

Air Control Valve is a multi purpose self closing valve which is used to supply water to a variety of different fixtures, including showers, basins, WC and bubblers, with either cold, hot, or mixed water. It is a single emperature delivery system, which can be activated remotely, up to 6m away, via a pneumatic push button and connection tube.

Pneumatic Valve Control

Watermark Environmental
'Inox' Stainless Steel Self Closing Tapware

RBA1083 Series

  • Self Closing Time Flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable)

Available Tapware options:

RBA1083-400 - 4 Star [8.0L/m] Polished Finish

RBA1083-407 - 4 Star [8.0L/m] Satin Finish

RBA1083-600 - 6 Star [5.0L/m] Polished Finish

RBA1083-607 - 6 Star [5.0L/m] Satin Finish

RBA1083-650 - 6 Star [1.7L/m] Polished Finish

RBA1083-657 - 6 Star [1.7L/m] Satin Finish

Push Button Tapware

Docol Tapware Watermark 2 Year Warranty WELS 6 Stars, 5.0L Accessible Compliant Environmental
'Rio' Wall Mounted Self Closing Tap

RBA1053 Series

  • Time Flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable)

Available options:

RBA1053-400 - 4 Star [8L/m]

RBA1053-600 - 6 Star [5L/m]

RBA1053-488 - 4 Star [8L/m] with Control Valve (Pictured)

RBA1053-688 - 6 Star [5L/m] with Control Valve (Pictured)

Wall Mounted Push button Bib tap

Watermark 2 Year Warranty WELS 6 Stars, 5.0L
'Alpha' Self Closing Tap

RBA1043 Series

  • Self Closing Time flow 4-10 seconds (non-adjustable)

Available Push Button Tapware Options:

RBA1043-400 - 4 Star [8.5L/m]

RBA1043-600 - 6 Star [5.5L/m]

Push Button Tap

Docol Tapware Watermark 2 Year Warranty WELS 6 Stars, 5.5L Environmental