Need a hand specifying accessible/disabled compliant commercial bathroom products? Then take a look at our AS/NZ1428.1 compliant products. RBA is invested in providing products that will adequately suit the code and will also provide you with attractive designs which you can use to enhance any handicapped space.

We've broken our accessible disabled products up into 5 easy section for you to use.

RBA's Backrest range has expanded to include polyurethane, stainless steel, bent arm and now backrest integrated grab rails.

Our Braille & Tactile Signs are available in both 316 Marine grade stainless steel or blue acrylic and suit a variety of accessible single sex, unisex, ambulant and baby change situations.

Fixture include Basins, Taps, WC's, backrest and drinking fountains all designed in to suit AS1428.1-2009.

Our vast Grab Rail range has been designed to suit almost all applications such as 2 wall, 40 or 90 degree, drop down and show rails.

RBA's commercial washroom accessories reputation won't let you down if you are in need of toilet roll holders, hand dryers, mirrors, soap dispensers and much more




Searching for a Basin? Need a Trap cover, looking for matching tapware, multiple basins, wash fountains, stainless steel basins, troughs or and accessible/disabled complaint alternative? Great, RBA's got a basin, trough or wash fountain to suit your every need. All our Curvalinea series receive our 1.5-2mm stainless steel heavy duty logo which signifies products that are designed to be vandal resistant.

RBA 6-8 multi user basin also has height alternatives for Adults or Junior making it even easier for you to spec the right product.


Thirsty, in need of a water chiller or simply just a drinking fountain? Then splash in and take a look at all our refrigerated and non-refrigerated drinking fountains and water coolers. You might also be interested in a glass filler or accessible/disabled compliant water cooler or drinking fountain.

Make sure you take a look at all the possibilities in both the refrigerated and non-refrigerated categories for available models so you can specify the perfect product for your space.


Water Marked, WELS approved and attractive, and that's only the showers! We've got all the products you'll need to specify an attractive shower setup whether you're designing a public shower or amenities block, commercial bathroom or even in need of a safety shower and eye/face washes for a mine.

Don't forget to scroll down a bit further and check out the shower curtains, folding shower seats and grab bar/rails that you would need in an accessible/disabled complaint situation. Even if you’re specifying a lazy beach location, don’t forget our column and pylon showers with option foot spray/foot washer.


In need of Commercial Tapware with these characteristics?: Reliable (batch test to 200,000 cycles); Efficient (consistent 6 star ratings); Accessible compliant (AS1428.1-2009); Hygienic (Sensor Tapware range) The Tapware range from RBA, whether it be push button or senor tapware, are all test to 100,000 cycles to ensure reliability.

The line consists of a variety of basin mounted taps, wall mounted taps and sensor taps to suit a wide variety of circumstances.

RBA's basin mounted tapware page brings together all the self closing taps, also know as push button or timed flow taps in their line. The Wall Mounted Taps page showcase our wall mounted, or wall hung bib taps, but also highlights our Show Set kit, and self closing tap valve.

In particular RBA owns the most water efficient tap in the market at 6 Star 1.7 litres per minute (RBA1083-650), as well as specialized sensor tapware for the food and medical industries (Foodsense and Medisense).

RBA is proud to announce the arrival and release of a new sensor tap, The Formatta RBA1211. This tap is sensor operated. As the users’ hands enter the field directly in front of the tap and above the basin, the flow of water is activated until the hands are removed. The benefits of such a tap are; Hygienic design; water efficiency; minimal impact commercial design.

RBA is the supplier of Docol tapware, made in Brazil. Docol has been the market leader in tapware in Latin America since the 1960's and has been internationally recognized since the 1980's. Docol and RBA enjoy a colaberative relationship where by each company helps the other to archieve peak performance.


Fitting out a public bathroom or amenities block, maybe even a health centre? All our Toilets & Urinals are Watermarked and WELS approved. If attractive, vandal resistant, stainless steel, bariatric, or penal ware are important to your spec, go no further.

Closed coupled suites, integrated high polished seats for hygiene and comfort as well as Flushing and Waterless Urinals are all specialties of RBA. With option such as P or S trap, front or rear fixed, our toilets are even a piece of cake to install.


Are you looking for a bit of design ethic and variety? RBA's world class commercial washroom accessories are all you'll need to spec any commercial washroom, accessible bathroom, hospital or public amenities block.

Matching accessories from world leading washroom accessories provider Bobrick will leave your bathroom looking smart and clean. Toilet roll holders, 3-in-1 units, hooks, hand dryers, Soap Dispenser, shelves, Paper towel dispensers you name it we've got it.

We're also increasing our Vandal resistant range, so make sure you check out the units that are tougher than you.


Trying to eliminate dead water? Sick of waiting at the sink for the water to get hot? Chronomite is a fully watermarked, instantaneous tankless electic water heater designed to provide hot water to you in seconds. No more wasting water waiting for the hot water, instant hot water.

The Chronomite uses bare element technology to heat the water as it passes through the unit, delivering hot water almost instantly. The micro Chronomite water heater, which uses a microprocessor to monitor and control the output water temperature, eliminates the need for a tempering valve, saving you time and money upon installation. More so, this tankless electric water heat eliminates the need for a tank.

The unit can be installed at point-of-use such as under a sink, in a laundy, hidden away at a BBQ area because it does not need a tank to store water. This greatly reduces the time spent waiting for hot water to reach the user. It is a tankless electric water heater.





Are you providing tempered water solutions to children, disabled or elderly and need a Thermostatic Mixing Valve (TMV) to ensure scalding doesn't occur? Click on the link below to view our range and installation options. RBA has a diverse range of Valves to support commercial projects in supplying and blending hot and cold water. Infact RBA sells a Pressure Balancing Thermostatic Mixing Valve which is a step above all our competition.

Are you specifying a WC (toilet) or Urinal and need a flush valve to suit? Sloan Flush Valves include hydraulic, mechanical & electronic flushing options which may include the check stop, valve, vacuum breaker and flush piping as well as your activation type as necessary.

RBA can help you specify a variety of concealed WC or Urinal Flush Valves. Here is a list of alternatives:

  • Water Closet or Urinal
  • Hydraulic, Sensor, or Mechanical Flush Valve
  • Black, Heavy Duty or Chrome Push Button Hydraulic actuator
  • 1.9, 3.8, 4.8, 5.7, 6.0, 9.0, or 13.2 LPF