RBA Answer To The Bariatric Toilet Seat

RBA Answer To The Bariatric Toilet Seat

January 2011

RBA's Bariatric toilet seat, The Big John Toilet Seat introduces a new era of stability, comfort and safety. Installable on most toilets the RBA Bariatric Toilet Seat is built for comfort.

The Big John is ideal for people who are larger framed and the Big and Tall/ Plus Size consumer. It is perfect for senior citizens and the physically impaired as well as anyone who just wants a more comfortable toilet seat.

RBA's Bariatric Toilet Seat is stylish! The Big John's ergonomic design has a more comfortable opening and a luxuriously contoured sitting surface that is roomier than any other toilet on the market.

The RBA's Bariatric Toilet Seat is perfect for hospitals, health care facilities and public restrooms. RBA's Bariatric Toilet Seat, The Big John bariatric toilet seat has the following features:

  • Bariatric suitable (Rated over 540kg)
  • Durable stainless steel hinges
  • Stabilizing "Synthetic Rubber Bumpers"
  • 50mm higher than standard toilets seats
  • Fits on most standard toilet seats