New Council Amenities Proj/App

New Council Amenities Proj/App

April 2013

To support Councils in their ambitions to improve the communities in which they serve and seek to grow, RBA has created a dedicated Project/Application section on their website and a matching E-brochure. These tools will enable a council to fully specify and fit out their public amenities.

For your ease of access, similar information is available in our Ipad compatible e-brochure called "RBA EBO - RBA Council ebook: ipad-compatible" found at our downloads page

For years RBA has been synonymous with reliable, efficient and quality bathroom products. For this reason, Councils have been partnering with RBA for decades to provide their community with flawless bathrooms and amenities.

From providing 6 Star efficient taps, vandal resistant accessories and stainless steel toilets RBA is now taking council amenities one-step further.
By listening to what Councils and the communities they provide for want, RBA has set out to tackle water management issues and control hot water expenditure costs to make council amenities more economical and environmentally friendly.
Council amenities such as public toilet blocks, surf clubs and aquatic centres can now gain control over water management with the introduction of the Chronomite.
This instantaneous electrical water heater saves on both electricity and water costs by only heating water when it is demanded. A tanked heater, which wastes electricity by continuously heating water, is no longer needed as this instant water heater provides  continuous flow of hot water when demanded and is far easier to install only taking 15 minutes.

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RBA also has project application section for the Health Market and Correctional facilities.
If you wish to further discuss any of these reliable, efficient and vandal resistant bathroom products please give us a call on 1300 788 778.